The Rural Financial Counselling Service Southern Queensland (RFCS-SQ) supports eligible farmers, fishers, forest growers, harvesters and *small related rural businesses who are experiencing financial hardship and to assist them to understand their financial position and adopt strategies to allow them to become financially self-sufficient.

These services are delivered through the Rural Financial Counselling Service Programme.

What is rural financial counselling?

Rural financial counselling is:

  • free
  • confidential
  • impartial
  • independent of financial institutions, welfare agencies and government.

Who makes the decisions:  Your rural financial counsellor will support and work with you to develop options – and you make the decisions.


What rural financial counsellors CAN do -

Rural financial counsellors can:

  • analyse business performance & understand your financial position
  • develop cash flow budgets and projection
  • explore & identify options (business & risk management planning) to improve financial self-sufficiency
  • prepare for succession planning
  • prepare for and facilitate meetings with lenders
  • access Government Assistance and information
  • prepare for and manage events such as droughts, floods and fire
  • provide referrals to professionals and agencies

Rural financial counsellors CANNOT provide financial advice, succession planning advice, act as a mediator, provide social or family counselling, but they CAN provide referrals to appropriate professionals and information on how to prepare for discussions with experts.


Contact a rural financial counsellor

  • see the lists of rural financial counsellors for each location below.

*Small Related Business is an enterprise that:
 (a)       is solely or primarily involved in supporting the production of Industry Products;

(b)        employs no more than 10 full time equivalent employees; and

(c)         is involved in supporting the production of Industry Products up to and including the time those products are harvested.

Note: For example, small related enterprises may erect fencing on farms, or provide persons to harvest crops, shear sheep, control weeds or other pests, or manage stock.


Our rural financial counsellors are located in 14 locations throughout the Southern Region of Queensland. Each office provides a full range of rural financial counselling services. Select from the individual locations for information about each service.


The Rural Financial Counselling Service – Southern Queensland is administered from its Head Office based in Roma.


Outreach offices are located in: Biggenden, Biloela, Charleville, Emerald, Gatton, Goondiwindi, Gympie, Kingaroy, Miles, Rockhampton, Roma, St George, Toowoomba, Warwick.


Contact one of our rural financial counsellors at a location near you.



Kim Corfield

0427 296 848

Biloela Office

C/- Biloela Research Station

State Farm Road

Biloela QLD 4715

(07) 4992 9133


John Lacey

0429 894 474


Bronwyn Shultz

0448 124 016

Bunderberg Office

16-32 Enterprise Street

Bundaberg QLD 4670


Kath Clarke

0439 067 944


Charleville Office

90 Alfred Street

Charleville QLD 4470

(07) 4654 3455


Emerald Office

C/- Wally McKenzie House


Emerald QLD 4720


Tricia Laffer

0447 789 109

Gatton/Lockyer Valley/SE QLD Office

C/- Gatton Research Station
Locked Bag 7/MS 437

Gatton QLD 4343


Zoe Burke

0477 056 074


Goondiwindi Office

C/- QDAF Building

26 Lagoon Street

Goondiwindi QLD 4390


Kay Barby

0447 760 743


Gympie Office


Derk Abberfield

0428 755 708


Kingaroy Office

C\- Kingaroy Research Station

Kingaroy QLD 4610

(07) 4182 1836


Belinda Clair

0448 999 742

Miles Office

C\- Murilla Community Centre

73A Murilla Street

Miles QLD 4415


(07) 4622 4858


Hilary Weedon

0491 259 861

Rockhampton Office

C/- QDAF Building

25 Yeppoon Road

Parkhurst QLD 4701


John Lacey

0429 894 474

Roma Office

42b Wyndham Street

Roma QLD 4455

(07) 4622 4858


St. George Office

C\- QDAF Building

126 Alfred Street

St George QLD 4487


Kay Barby

0447 760 743


Toowoomba Office

120 Campbell Street

Toowoomba QLD 4350


Lewes Golden

0447 764 483


Warwick Office

Cnr Guy and Fitzroy Streets

Warwick QLD 4370

(07) 4661 5501


Micheal Fagg

0419 732 591

Mobile Rural Financial Counsellor

Sally Ottaway

0427 803 706



free | impartial | confidential | responsive





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free | impartial | confidential | responsive





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