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Helping primary producers through the flood recovery maze

Media release | 18 March 2022

Media release | 18 March 2022

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The Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS) Southern Queensland is supporting flood-hit primary producers in Southern Queensland to restore their farm businesses by simplifying the complex and time-consuming flood recovery process.

With the flood waters now receded and the sheer scale and impact of the destruction now laid bare, many primary producers in Southern Queensland are facing the daunting flood recovery process.

RFCS Southern Queensland Chief Executive Officer Ross Leggett explained it’s often difficult for primary producers to know where to start after a flooding disaster. “With many organisations offering funding assistance and support, it’s not always easy for primary producers to find out what funding is available and eligibility criteria can be complicated. Sometimes, understanding all of the available support can feel overwhelming.”

The RFCS Southern Queensland provides primary producers free, impartial and confidential assistance with flood recovery.

“Our local Rural Financial Counsellors have a detailed understanding of the flood recovery process and can provide immediate help for primary producers to identify and access available funding in their area,” Mr Leggett said.

For many primary producers, the flood recovery process can take a long time.

“The financial position of the farm business could be impacted for more than 12 months after the flooding event. We can help primary producers understand their financial position, develop an effective recovery plan and support them in discussions with banks and creditors where needed,” Mr Leggett said.

“We’re also here for primary producers in the long-term to help them rebuild their farm business stronger to ensure they are better prepared for the future and have increased farm business resilience.”

Primary producers can learn more about available flood recovery assistance by visiting

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