November 14, 2019 Sharon Purcell

Thursday, 14 November 2019



Image Caption: ROMA businesses will be the winners when the Rural Financial Counselling Service holds its Southern Queensland AGM in town next week. Pictured are (L to R) Counsellor, Vicki Beitz, CEO, Jenny Whip and Counsellor, Nathan Wichlacz.

ROMA is set to host the Annual General Meeting of the Rural Financial Counselling Service Southern Queensland (RFCSSQ) on November 20 and 21.
The RFCSSQ provides free financial assistance to farmers across Southern Queensland and is experiencing unprecedented demand for its services with extended drought conditions across the state combined with destructive coastal fires.
Locally based CEO, Jenny Whip said there would be 24 Financial Counsellors from all regional offices, 6 board members from across Southern Queensland as well as administration staff.
“The services we provide, focus on financial resilience in rural Queensland and taking the time to plan for the future.
Every year we hold our Annual General Meeting in Roma where our head office is based.
Regional meetings are a great way for us to support local businesses in rural Queensland areas.
The board will be undertaking a workshop facilitated by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, focused on not-for-profit governance principles and we’ve got a very special guest speaker from Cunnamulla, Sammy Meurant, founder of The Rural Compass.”
The Rural Compass is a weekly podcast dedicated to interviews with women living and working in rural and remote areas across Australia.
“The AGM is not only an election for our board chair and members but also a valuable opportunity to deliver education and training to all personnel involved with the Rural Financial Counselling Service,” Jenny said.
“We’re delighted we can hold the event in Roma which is a major centre for rural Queenslanders.”