May 7, 2020 Sharon Purcell

Thursday, 7 May 2020

ADDITIONAL funding from the Queensland Government and a new national website will improve the capacity of the Rural Financial Counselling Service SQ (RFCSSQ) to deliver free financial counselling to small businesses and primary producers.
In response to the COVID19 threat and the dramatic impacts on small businesses across Queensland, the service has been granted additional funds to provide financial counselling to COVID affected small and medium businesses (SME’s).
The service will be easier to access with the release of a new national website and telephone hotline complementing the existing regional website and local contact number.
Rural Financial Counselling Service Southern Queensland (RFCSSQ), Chief Executive Officer, Jenny Whip coordinates nearly 30 financial counsellors across Southern Queensland servicing primary producers and small and medium mainstream businesses.
“Our clients are either experiencing financial hardship and recognise a stress point looming and come to us ready overcome challenges in their rural or small businesses,” Jenny said.
“The additional funding for small business financial counselling expands our existing team and allows us to locate counsellors in more locations and improve the number of businesses we support.”
The RFCSSQ is one of eleven Rural Financial Counselling Services across Australia and the group have formed a RFCS network, created a website and organised a telephone hotline.
“This new website and hotline is another tool to assist struggling rural and regional businesses to find us easily.”
The National RFCS network providers are funded by Federal and State Governments to deliver financial counselling programs to primary producers and small businesses
Featuring an interactive map, the network website provides clients with a hotline number which automatically diverts to their local service provider.
“It’s an advantage for all regions to work together under this new national framework.”
“We can collectively promote the service across Australia which helps introduce the service to producers and business owners in need and we’re improving our networks which allows quicker support for clients.”
There are now two options to find out more about the network or the RFCS program.
You can call 1300 771 741 or 07 46 22 5500, visit www.rfcsnetwork.com.au or www.rfcssq.org.au or email admin@rfcssq.org.au.