Enterprise Action Plan

What is the Enterprise Action Plan?


The Enterprise Action Plan (EAP) is a planning tool which may assist primary production enterprises. It is available to Rural Financial Counselling Service clients and delivered by skilled rural financial counsellors.


The EAP provides a farm business assessment and action plan which allows clients to:

  • review their financial position 
  • develop cash flow budgets and projections 
  • analyse the financial and business performance of their farm enterprise 
  • benchmark their farm enterprise against standard farm business financial and operating ratios 
  • develop strategies and options that are appropriate to their farm enterprise’s business structure 
  • plan to manage risk, including climate risk 
  • identify where they might need to obtain professional advice and other government assistance. 

The EAP assists Rural Financial Counselling Service clients to gain an improved understanding of their circumstances by reviewing their current financial situation and working through their available options.


Just over 80 per cent of all RFCS Program clients are now on an EAP.


Enterprise Action Plan assists client to make changes


Working through an Enterprise Action Plan (EAP) with a rural financial counsellor led a client who ran a small rural contracting business to make positive changes to his business.


In a stepwise process, the counsellor gathered general information about the client and their business. The next step was to chase up past financial data. This information was entered into the EAP and areas of concern were identified, including the client’s debt to equity position.


The client went back over the past six months of financial data and entered it into a cash flow and then continued to use this for the rest of the financial year. While completing the cash flow it became evident to the client that they were not covering their costs due to two reasons: their charge rate and unplanned purchases for the business.


The client, with guidance from the rural financial counsellor, was able to complete a cash flow projection for the next 12 months and use this information to underpin his decision-making.


The client has also attended field days covering industry specific topics and has discussed further training needs for himself and his staff.
The EAP tool has enabled the client to assess their business and make changes which should lead to a more profitable and sustainable business.

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